Tuesday, December 8, 2009

edutopia - Google Search

edutopia - Google Search: "www.edutopia.org"

This is a very good website for information about assistive technology and education in general. I found out about this website on Monday in my computer class.

edutopia - Google Search

edutopia - Google Search: "www.edutopia.org"

I saw this in my computer class on Monday and just had to include it to my blog for future reference. It is a very good website wehn dealing with assistive technology and edcuation in general.

Kurzweil 3000

No, it was not possible for a student to so what is asked of them in question 4 9that is to circle the 40 crayons in the picture given) because is you notice the tool bar, all the icons as something to do with reading whether go forward one reading unit or backward one reading unit. All the other features are related to reading; hence, to ask the software to read circle the 40 boxes of crayons would not be applicable for it to do. Hence, the child would be able to complete this task because the software would not have anything to read back to the student. However, the student could do what I did if he/she is aware of the software. I used the text box to indicate that 2 boxes of crayons would equal to 40. Since, the software is reading word for word on a page it cannot read that the child circle the 40 crayons because although the circling option is there the tool is for highlighting information that can be read over. It is not to perform action such as what was asked in the assignment.

Kurzweil is a software that can be used in classrooms to support learning in terms of reading regardless of the subject area. The effective thing about this software is that it can support students who are struggling to read. The teacher can use tools such as highlighting to show important point, bubbling to have students listen to what the teacher wants him/her to hear for additional information. The teacher can use this tool to keep additional information that is not on the page but she/he wantes the struggling reader to know. You can use the software with worksheet from the web that can be printed, fill out or online.

I had never heard of this resource before getting this assignment, and I think it is a very good tool for students with reading problems. It will open up the possibility for a engaging and motivating students to read without feeling frustrated with the word regardless of the subject. However, I would have rather that the voice used in the program to be more humanisitc instead of sound on the robot end.

On the Kurzweil I was able to highlight key words that would have helped the student with their problem. I was able to incluse a text box with clues for each problem. This was exciting to do becuase when I think that instead of invidually showing students what I am expecting I can do it as a class. Also I would be able to individualize students worksheet in showing reinforcement, in that one student problem may not be another student problem. I the use of sticky note, it just like using a sitcky pad but only on the computer. This will assess me in differentiating students work, which is very important in Special Education.

Saturday, December 5, 2009


This course was one of the most challenging course of my program up to this point. However, I feel that it was more my fear of technology than the course itself. I am the first to say that technology is an effective tool that does enhace daily living but personally it is not somehthing that I am desiring to use very often.

However, this course has exposed to skills, tools, software, equipment and information that I would have NEVER thought of seeking out for myself. I am appreciative of this course now than when I started. To be perfectly honest I did not like this course very much but had to do it becuase of my program. This feeling has changed, in that I am thankful that I am leaving this class with knowledge that will be with my for a life time. I know that I will be using many of the techonology that I have learned throughout the semester, such as boardmaker, kidspiration, photostory (even though I willbe in a deaf setting), my RSS feed and book markers. The last two has made my organization of information from the web much, much more easier to access and read.

I am not saying that I did not have challenges because I did. My computer crash because of downloading a bookmarker and there were times when I got so frustrated that I disliked the class very much amd was sorry I took it. However, those challenges forced me to be determine to overcome my short comings in technology. This has made my attitude change towards using technology. I am now more convince that using tehcnology in a classroom is not a hassle (as I use to think), but an enhancement to ensure for children vis-a-vis their learning process whether they have a disability or not.

I am aware that there will always be challenges in technology but my attitude is no longer to avoid the use but to embrace it with alternative plans (just in case there is a problem). This class has allowed me to appreciate that technology is a good thing not a bad thing and it is my attitude towards it that will make the huge difference in how effective I will be with using it. I am thanking that the professor's attitude at times was a 'you try and figure it out yourself'. I did not like it at first but I now feel that if she helped me with every problem I had, I would be able to have this change of thought towards technology. I was annoyed at first but after seeing the numerous problems I faced and was able to figure them out myself. Hence, thank you very much Christine, I have surfaced as a much stronger and positive person about using technology and fixing problems as they arise. For example, I had a problem with submitting that mini-test that I got in class using Internet Explorer, so on the midterms I did not use Interent Explorer but Firefox (which solved the problem). I did the photostory ELO, the first one came out grainy and I was annoyed but sought help on my own, got it and did a second one (which came out beautifully). These are lessons that I will take with me, as well as, in technology (as in every other thing in life) there is a solution, you just have to find it. However, your attitude plays a big role on how you approach or not approach the problem.

This course taught me lessons that will help me as go through Columbia, as well as, has taught me to embrace (not reject) technology and more importantly USE it in the classroom effectively to enhance the learnig process for the children who I will have the opportunity to meet throughout my teaching experience.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Netvibes (150)

Netvibes (150)
This is my RSS Feed site that I set up on netvibes. I chose this RSS feed website becuase it gives me the opportunity to creatre myown headings for tabs provides, which means I can customize my site. I can also blog from this RSS site. I don't have to donwload anything, it is free sign up and i can assess my RSS feed from any computer.

The only flaw is that I am not able to upload my picture to my profile, but maybe it is my lack of knowledge for this mishap will still keep trying.

Friday, November 27, 2009

100 Awesome Classroom Videos to Learn New Teaching Techniques

100 Awesome Classroom Videos to Learn New Teaching Techniques

This is a very intersting website about 100 awesome classroom videos to learn new teching techniques. It is also a RSS Feed website.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

inspiration kidspiration units - Google Search

inspiration kidspiration units - Google Search: "Getting Inspired Inspiration/Kidspiration are definitely worth exploring. ... regroup one ten rod to 10 units and drag the units to the ones column. ...

another inspiration set of website.

inspiration kidspiration units - Google Search

inspiration kidspiration units - Google Search: "www.ntuaft.com/TISE/.../Math%20&%20Graphic%20organizers.htm"

This is a math template used in kidspiration for teaching base ten.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


a website that has different games for math and reading. It is very interactive.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Assistive Technology . Inclusive Communities . PBS Parents | PBS

Assistive Technology . Inclusive Communities . PBS Parents | PBS
This aq PBS parent website on assistive technology, types of assistive technology. It give infomation about all these different kinds of technology for different areas of children living their daily lives. For example, assistive technology for eating, communicating, listening and moving.

Assistive Technology for Children with Autism

Assistive Technology for Children with Autism.

I lkie this article because it give you so mush information in one reading and it deals with austism and low tech assistive tools that can be used with them and gives examples about the tools. It's simple to understand and implement.

deaf hard of hearing technology

deaf hard of hearing technology

I like this website because is an assitive technology that deals with helping deaf students with phonation and articulation. These are two areas that important to deaf teachers.

BEGINNINGS For Parents of Children Who Are Deaf or Hard of ...

BEGINNINGS For Parents of Children Who Are Deaf or Hard of ...

This website is important because it share information about what parent need to know about assistive tools that available for tehri deaf child, especially for first time parents of deaf children.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Panwapa from bookmark


I just want to show the difference in terms of blogging from a google searchand from a book mark. As you can see from a google search it will give the website with the indication that it was google search but from a bookmark it simple gives the website.

panwapa - Google Search

panwapa - Google Search: "www.panwapa.com"

This is a wnderful virtual world game that is patterned after the Sesame Street T.V. program. It helps young children to be aware and deal with real life issues that are usually very deep and hard to explain. The animations are wonderful and they are interactive and fun. They program allows for five different langauges. The only drawback is that it is audio so a deaf child would have difficulty in using this program.



This is a very educational website that deals with real life issues like world hungry, as well as, it is provided inother langauges. There are different subjects that are avaliable, such as English Grammar and Vocabulary, Geography, Langauges, Chemistry abd Mathematics. The beautiful things about his game is that each correct answer the palyer will donate a certain number of grains of rice to feed the poor. It also shows how much rice was donated on previous days. It is very edcuational and interactive.

bookmark choice

I chose to use clipmark because I thought that it was user friendly, as well as, it allowed the option to blog information on spot. However, I had a very, very, did I mention very bad experience with the program. Here is my story. I viewed all the bookmarks that were presented and really like clipmark so I downloaded it on my laptop that Saturday. Sunday to Tuesday everything was fine and I was experiemtning with it. BUT, on Wednesday I realize that my computer was not boothing and after much investigation by experts with computers.

It was realized that clipmark was the culprit in seriously affecting my computer. I was horrified and scared. I finally got someone who was able to fix my computer but this experience has made me very afraid of downloading anything else on my laptop. This is an experience that I would NEVER want to go through again.

Hence, I started asking around whihc bookmarks other people used and the consensus was 'delicious'. I tried it and like it becuase I DO NOT have ot download anything even though with each use I have to log in. This can be a pain at times but I rather do it like this than download it on my computer. I learned my lesson and DO NOT want a repeat from what happened to me the first time.

I like delicious because it is simple and it tells me how much people have visited that particle site that I have bookmarked. I like the fact that I can cut and paste, as well as, I have the option to send information to my blog without any hassle. But most of all I like that I do not have to download anything on my computer.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

ASD History

ASD History

a synopsis of the history of the first deaf school in America.

rss feeds - Yahoo! Search Results

rss feeds - Yahoo! Search Results: "en.wikipedia.org/wiki/RSS_(protocol)"

Information on RSS feed.

whyville - Google Search

whyville - Google Search: "www.whyville.net/"

This is a fun website for middleschool children.

Saturday, October 17, 2009


There are so many problems that are associated with my work stations, in the various places that I use the computer or laptop vis-à-vis to ‘Egronomics.’ Therefore, let me began by saying that I did not know the usefulness of Egronomics until I did this assignment. I now realize that the chairs I am using at work and home are not effective to ensure good body posture, as they are (1) non-adjustable, (2) They are not the height of the table and (3) has no proper back support. This has caused by wrist to hurt when I am typing for very long because I am not at the level of the table. However, I have found that by keeping my hands off the key board while typing has alleviated that problem.
There is no accommodation for either myself or the students to tilt the keyboard slightly down, so most time I find my hand resting on the table. The reading has made me realize that I can develop Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (which I hear hurts very much) because of the position of my hands. This has made me concern for myself but more for my students. I have realized that neck hurts because of the bad habit of holding the phone between my shoulder and ear while typing (which I will definitely stop), as well as, I do not use a document holder (which will invest in). My computer or laptop screen in always central and the mouse is placed on either side, as I can use both hands comfortably, so at least I got those parts right. I did not realize I was doing so many things wrong when using the computer.
I did not know that by looking away every ten minutes on an object in the distance to adjust my perception is important. This would explain the reason at times my eyes feel so strain after using the computer for awhile without stopping. There are times when I would be determined to complete a task and do not look away from the computer for up to an hour, but after that I fell such a strain on my eyes I have to close them for a few minutes. I have now seen the usefulness of the document holder because with the document being at eye level it creates less strain on my eyes and neck. I have to do a whole make over of my work station at work. At the university, there are some of the furniture mentioned that helps with ‘Egronomics’, such as the adjustable chair, but that is about it. Hence, the university I attend is not accommodating or supporting good body posture because they are not applying the principle of ‘Egronomics.’ One thing I realize there is no talk about laptops and I only use a laptop at home. However, I see the importance of Egronomics that feel the need to set up a proper workstation.
This chair (numerous others) can be found at ‘Office Furniture Place’, which can be seen on my Blog. Therefore, for my future workstation both at home and work, I would buy the following chair because it is mesh (which I like), has supporting handles, is adjustable and uses the word Egronomics. The table I would use is because of the width and length, in that I will have enough space for the equipment that I will using and the crucial document holder. It will allow me to add an adjustable keyboard holder that can be tilted.
I would use the following place ‘Office Furniture Place’ to acquire my furniture because they have a variety, as well as, offer services such as furniture consultant, furniture tips and items are design for specific areas.

Mesh chairs, office chairs, Executive chairs. Guest chiars, couches, used chairs, modern chairs, Eurgohuman, Eurotech, aeron / NY, NJ, CT, Long island, queens, Westchester, brooklyn, New York City

Mesh chairs, office chairs, Executive chairs. Guest chiars, couches, used chairs, modern chairs, Eurgohuman, Eurotech, aeron / NY, NJ, CT, Long island, queens, Westchester, brooklyn, New York City: "Dollars"

This is a website that I thought I waould add because it has a number of furniture that would aid in the Ergonomics of any work station in otrder to improve posture, as well as, allowing for effective and efficient work.

My choice of chair and table that I would use in my work space


I chose this chair and table out of the many choices because they seem to address the issue of Egronomics, as well as, the chair uses the word Ergonomics, as part of its name. Hence, allowing me to think that it was definately design to aid people in mainianing proper posture while working. It indicates that the desingers hopefully are knowledgeable about the importance of body posture and that is the reason it was desgin to help people like myself who has very poor working station conditions.

I have learned that Ergonomics is very important to allevate pain and hurt from body parts that are constantly use when using the computer or laptop. I have learned the imperativeness of preventing Carpal Tunnel Syndrome through the use of Ergonomics. I did not take notice of all the things I was doing wrong or the numerous problems at the stations where I and the students work. These were all taken for granted, but now they will address in the future because I would like to have a good posture and prevent feeling pain as long as possible. There is a saying in Jamaica that says, 'Prevetnion is better than cure.' Hence, I would rather prefer to prevent damage cause to my body while using the computer by practing Egronomics, than dealing with the effects of bad posture or getting Carpal Tunnlr Syndrome (which I don't think there is a cure.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Live Ink | Easy, comfortable, enjoyable reading.

Live Ink | Easy, comfortable, enjoyable reading.: "Who Should Use Live Ink® Technology and Why."

This is not a picture but a page from a website called 'Live Ink", which talks about different techologies that can be used by people with disabilities to make they way of life more comfortable, like reading a book. I used and chose Clipmark bookmark to do this because it allowed me with the option to sent the information straight to my blog (honestly without worrying how to get it done otherwise). I alos like the fact that I have the option of how much information I want to hightlight or save to my folder without saving the entire page if I do not want to do so.

However, after my bad experience with clipmark. I will definately be looking into another bookmark to use for save my favorite page(s) and/or information from websites. I will not be discouraged.

Friday, October 9, 2009

This is me in TC Educator Island dancing with to the band. I found the black ball that allowed me to dance. I dod moves that I couldn't do in real life even though I can't dance. I really liked this part because I love top dance even though I cannot do it real life. The one in the air is actually me dancing while flying, only in a virtaul world that could happen. I like the fact that skies the limit in these world, anything is possible. The first two is me dancing at the edge of the water to the band. However, like a not being a good dancer, I am not a good photographer but I was dancing up a storm.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

This me sitting on one of my four garbage I got carried away and realize that it was easy to make so I started experimenting with different shapes and actually other materials (glass,plastic, etc.) but as you can see only wood can out the square and cylinder was suppose to be wood, the semi-circluar dome shape was suppose to be glass and the ball was suppose to be plastic. I was proud of my creation; hence the picture of me sitting on one and looking down at the others.

This is a picture of my character on whyville. I like this website even though it is for children. The reason is that I am able to learn new things but most importantlt earn clams (money) each time I log on. I like the games but they can be difficult when playing alone and confusing when more than one person is playing.

The turn off was when I wanted to buy perals and realized that I would be using real money, but apart from that the overall experience is good when I have the time I go on it trying to win games, since I am a competitive person and up to his point has not won a game.

This was be a good website for dead and hard of hearing students to reinforce science information like the Food Chain, Recycling, as well as, shopping and packing away groceries. Many people take it for granted that deaf students would know where products and produces are to be stored.


Saturday, September 26, 2009

Second Life pictures

These are pictures from Second Life. It was an experience that wasw mixed in terms of being fascinated at the umlimitness of exploring virtual worlds, but at the same time feeling encrouched upon when people fot too close even though I knew it was not the real world.

It was an experience that allowed me to explore territories in techonology that I would never have thought of doing. However, I am a bit weary of the program becuase it can be overwhleming if your not familiar with technology otherthan emails and web searches.

hanging out in secondlife

there are more pictures to come stay tune

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Importance and use of technology in th classroom

Technology is apart of our everyday life, which can be used in the classrooms to enhance learning. I believe that teachers and students can benefit from the use of technology in the teaching-learning experience and it is essential that educators know how to adequately use technology before implementing it in the classroom.

Technology usage in the classroom will afford teachers to hgave access to information that are not readily available in books, as well as, allow students to engage in worldwide learning that would not have been possible otherwise. However, I must point out that having technology in the classroom will not enhance learning nor will students garner any form of learning from them. It is imperative that teachers use technology as a tool to complement learning instead of using technology to replace teaching.
We are competing in a global market and technology would be the ieal tool as assist students in effectively preparing them to make positive impacts.

I am not a tehnology expert but I am convince that technology will elevate and motive students in their work ethics, as well as, imporve their self-esteem and self-worth. The usefulness about technology is that is can be use flexible in two distinctive ways. First, it can assist the teacher in meeting the needs of students with special needs and Secondly, allow for enrichment activities for students who are gifted or just need additional and/or more challenging work (which is lacking is some schools). Technology is dynamic where better and more effective programs are constantly being developed for classroom. This is good especially for students with special needs and for those who need a form of Assistive Tool for aid while working, as they are not left out of the mix and will be able to use technology in classrooms to assist in their learning.

If a person was to ask me five year ago about using techology of any kind in class, my automatic thought would be the computer and the internet. However, my views have changed drastically as my knowledge about what is offered in classrooms, in terms of technology. The only complain I have is that not all schools are funded equally with the use of such a useful tool as technology. Technology can be used as the key to unlock the world of information for many students that are not able to have access otherwise and when a class can have an Internet Project with another class (maybe in Germany), it speaks volume because as a teacher you can never be 100% sure what kind of occupation your students will pursue. Hence, It is our jobs to open the world to students and technology is the way to do so.

Technology can be helpful in classrooms when it come to differentiating of lessons, as it difficult for teachers to equally divide time among the various groups in the classroom. Hence, if techology is used in a practical way the teacher can effectively use her/his time among groups and at any given time one or more groups (depending on the number of computers in the class) can be working independently on grade level work. This is great news for me because in the deaf classrooms there are usually a variety of levels and I alwaqys have problems with timing. Technology is a wonderful tool in the 21st century for classrooms to have and use. It is for teachers to learn, prepare and use effectively in order for technology to have meaning in the classrooms.

America is too far behind in education (compared to other countries, eg. China, India) which is disturbing with all the technology resources that we have at our disposal. Hence, questions to ask are, 'What are schools in America doing wrong?", "How effectively are teachers using the technology they have in the classrooms to enhance learning?" and "Are students being properly educated on hoe to effectrively use technology as a means to enhance their learning skills?

"Technology In The Classroom" by Jamshed N. Lam
In the article, the author there is numerous mentioned made about the benefits of technology in the classroom, the integration and versitility of techonology in the classrooms with leassons. He mentioned proof of the usefulness of technology in a variety of classroom situations with a variety of students. He also mentioned that technology usage is actually linked to Standards in ELA, Science and Mathematics. The article incorporates information from the class disccusions on Assistive Tools and Second Virtual Life disccusion.

It is a good read. Check it out when you have the time.

The link is:

Saturday, September 19, 2009

My invention

This an invention I made out of an envelope box and envolopes. I thought of this idea becuase apart from spending $1.00, I wanted make some thing that would be effective with deaf and hard of hearing students.
This situation box is design as tool to assist deaf and hard of hearing students discuss issues that they encounter on a daily basis. Many times it is difficult to talk to their parent(s) about things that are bothering them because of a language and/or communication barrier. Hence, this situation box would provide an opportunity for the class to discuss problems and issues that are faced by the deaf students.
This box would be placed in the community center and when it's time for community share, each student would go to the box and pick from on of the labeled envelopes a topic to discuss. The envelopes would have different labels with the various issues (stated by the students) that deaf and hard of hearing students face on a daily basis. There would be one envelope that would be labeled discuss issues, where the issues discuss would be place in it to create space for others to be added. Students will be given the opportunity to add to the various envelopes about what they want to discuss in other sessions. It should be noted that the envelopes would have broad issues, like communicating with hearing, getting a holiday box, etc. and the situations in the envelops would be narrow, like what happens when a hearing person realize you are deaf? or Is is difficult to find a summer job, and why?
This tool will allow deaf and Hard of Hearing students to have a medium to express themselves and find solutions to the various issue they face in the general public.


It is my hope that I will learn much more about how to effective use technology both on a personal level and in the classroom. I am computer savvy and so at times it is difficult for me to keep up with technology. I would like to know the type of technology that will most effective for deaf children, especially for reading and writing.

I hope that this class will provide me with the tools to become a teacher that will use technology to enhance lessons and to know when and what type of technology will be most useful at that givn time. I know that time if limited and there's much to cover but it is my hope that the course will not be too much of a rush, so that it will not be just another course but one that will be vry profitable to me.

My view about technology and education is that both can be useful in preparing students for the global market that is highly competive. However, in classrooms (my observation) teachers are not effectively using them to enhance learning. I have seen teachers put 2nd graders on computer and ask them to find specific information using Google. The students were swo overwhelm that they became frustrated.

I not really a fan of technology (personally), but to use it in education is good for students, in that as an educator it is my job to find effective and effeicent ways to assit in their learning process. Technology would allow me another medium to assist their learning process. Both complement each other and can be both effective and detrimental, it is up to the teacher to ensure the former and not the latter.