Saturday, September 19, 2009

My invention

This an invention I made out of an envelope box and envolopes. I thought of this idea becuase apart from spending $1.00, I wanted make some thing that would be effective with deaf and hard of hearing students.
This situation box is design as tool to assist deaf and hard of hearing students discuss issues that they encounter on a daily basis. Many times it is difficult to talk to their parent(s) about things that are bothering them because of a language and/or communication barrier. Hence, this situation box would provide an opportunity for the class to discuss problems and issues that are faced by the deaf students.
This box would be placed in the community center and when it's time for community share, each student would go to the box and pick from on of the labeled envelopes a topic to discuss. The envelopes would have different labels with the various issues (stated by the students) that deaf and hard of hearing students face on a daily basis. There would be one envelope that would be labeled discuss issues, where the issues discuss would be place in it to create space for others to be added. Students will be given the opportunity to add to the various envelopes about what they want to discuss in other sessions. It should be noted that the envelopes would have broad issues, like communicating with hearing, getting a holiday box, etc. and the situations in the envelops would be narrow, like what happens when a hearing person realize you are deaf? or Is is difficult to find a summer job, and why?
This tool will allow deaf and Hard of Hearing students to have a medium to express themselves and find solutions to the various issue they face in the general public.

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