Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Importance and use of technology in th classroom

Technology is apart of our everyday life, which can be used in the classrooms to enhance learning. I believe that teachers and students can benefit from the use of technology in the teaching-learning experience and it is essential that educators know how to adequately use technology before implementing it in the classroom.

Technology usage in the classroom will afford teachers to hgave access to information that are not readily available in books, as well as, allow students to engage in worldwide learning that would not have been possible otherwise. However, I must point out that having technology in the classroom will not enhance learning nor will students garner any form of learning from them. It is imperative that teachers use technology as a tool to complement learning instead of using technology to replace teaching.
We are competing in a global market and technology would be the ieal tool as assist students in effectively preparing them to make positive impacts.

I am not a tehnology expert but I am convince that technology will elevate and motive students in their work ethics, as well as, imporve their self-esteem and self-worth. The usefulness about technology is that is can be use flexible in two distinctive ways. First, it can assist the teacher in meeting the needs of students with special needs and Secondly, allow for enrichment activities for students who are gifted or just need additional and/or more challenging work (which is lacking is some schools). Technology is dynamic where better and more effective programs are constantly being developed for classroom. This is good especially for students with special needs and for those who need a form of Assistive Tool for aid while working, as they are not left out of the mix and will be able to use technology in classrooms to assist in their learning.

If a person was to ask me five year ago about using techology of any kind in class, my automatic thought would be the computer and the internet. However, my views have changed drastically as my knowledge about what is offered in classrooms, in terms of technology. The only complain I have is that not all schools are funded equally with the use of such a useful tool as technology. Technology can be used as the key to unlock the world of information for many students that are not able to have access otherwise and when a class can have an Internet Project with another class (maybe in Germany), it speaks volume because as a teacher you can never be 100% sure what kind of occupation your students will pursue. Hence, It is our jobs to open the world to students and technology is the way to do so.

Technology can be helpful in classrooms when it come to differentiating of lessons, as it difficult for teachers to equally divide time among the various groups in the classroom. Hence, if techology is used in a practical way the teacher can effectively use her/his time among groups and at any given time one or more groups (depending on the number of computers in the class) can be working independently on grade level work. This is great news for me because in the deaf classrooms there are usually a variety of levels and I alwaqys have problems with timing. Technology is a wonderful tool in the 21st century for classrooms to have and use. It is for teachers to learn, prepare and use effectively in order for technology to have meaning in the classrooms.

America is too far behind in education (compared to other countries, eg. China, India) which is disturbing with all the technology resources that we have at our disposal. Hence, questions to ask are, 'What are schools in America doing wrong?", "How effectively are teachers using the technology they have in the classrooms to enhance learning?" and "Are students being properly educated on hoe to effectrively use technology as a means to enhance their learning skills?

"Technology In The Classroom" by Jamshed N. Lam
In the article, the author there is numerous mentioned made about the benefits of technology in the classroom, the integration and versitility of techonology in the classrooms with leassons. He mentioned proof of the usefulness of technology in a variety of classroom situations with a variety of students. He also mentioned that technology usage is actually linked to Standards in ELA, Science and Mathematics. The article incorporates information from the class disccusions on Assistive Tools and Second Virtual Life disccusion.

It is a good read. Check it out when you have the time.

The link is:

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