Saturday, October 17, 2009


There are so many problems that are associated with my work stations, in the various places that I use the computer or laptop vis-à-vis to ‘Egronomics.’ Therefore, let me began by saying that I did not know the usefulness of Egronomics until I did this assignment. I now realize that the chairs I am using at work and home are not effective to ensure good body posture, as they are (1) non-adjustable, (2) They are not the height of the table and (3) has no proper back support. This has caused by wrist to hurt when I am typing for very long because I am not at the level of the table. However, I have found that by keeping my hands off the key board while typing has alleviated that problem.
There is no accommodation for either myself or the students to tilt the keyboard slightly down, so most time I find my hand resting on the table. The reading has made me realize that I can develop Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (which I hear hurts very much) because of the position of my hands. This has made me concern for myself but more for my students. I have realized that neck hurts because of the bad habit of holding the phone between my shoulder and ear while typing (which I will definitely stop), as well as, I do not use a document holder (which will invest in). My computer or laptop screen in always central and the mouse is placed on either side, as I can use both hands comfortably, so at least I got those parts right. I did not realize I was doing so many things wrong when using the computer.
I did not know that by looking away every ten minutes on an object in the distance to adjust my perception is important. This would explain the reason at times my eyes feel so strain after using the computer for awhile without stopping. There are times when I would be determined to complete a task and do not look away from the computer for up to an hour, but after that I fell such a strain on my eyes I have to close them for a few minutes. I have now seen the usefulness of the document holder because with the document being at eye level it creates less strain on my eyes and neck. I have to do a whole make over of my work station at work. At the university, there are some of the furniture mentioned that helps with ‘Egronomics’, such as the adjustable chair, but that is about it. Hence, the university I attend is not accommodating or supporting good body posture because they are not applying the principle of ‘Egronomics.’ One thing I realize there is no talk about laptops and I only use a laptop at home. However, I see the importance of Egronomics that feel the need to set up a proper workstation.
This chair (numerous others) can be found at ‘Office Furniture Place’, which can be seen on my Blog. Therefore, for my future workstation both at home and work, I would buy the following chair because it is mesh (which I like), has supporting handles, is adjustable and uses the word Egronomics. The table I would use is because of the width and length, in that I will have enough space for the equipment that I will using and the crucial document holder. It will allow me to add an adjustable keyboard holder that can be tilted.
I would use the following place ‘Office Furniture Place’ to acquire my furniture because they have a variety, as well as, offer services such as furniture consultant, furniture tips and items are design for specific areas.

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