Saturday, October 17, 2009

My choice of chair and table that I would use in my work space


I chose this chair and table out of the many choices because they seem to address the issue of Egronomics, as well as, the chair uses the word Ergonomics, as part of its name. Hence, allowing me to think that it was definately design to aid people in mainianing proper posture while working. It indicates that the desingers hopefully are knowledgeable about the importance of body posture and that is the reason it was desgin to help people like myself who has very poor working station conditions.

I have learned that Ergonomics is very important to allevate pain and hurt from body parts that are constantly use when using the computer or laptop. I have learned the imperativeness of preventing Carpal Tunnel Syndrome through the use of Ergonomics. I did not take notice of all the things I was doing wrong or the numerous problems at the stations where I and the students work. These were all taken for granted, but now they will address in the future because I would like to have a good posture and prevent feeling pain as long as possible. There is a saying in Jamaica that says, 'Prevetnion is better than cure.' Hence, I would rather prefer to prevent damage cause to my body while using the computer by practing Egronomics, than dealing with the effects of bad posture or getting Carpal Tunnlr Syndrome (which I don't think there is a cure.

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