Saturday, September 19, 2009


It is my hope that I will learn much more about how to effective use technology both on a personal level and in the classroom. I am computer savvy and so at times it is difficult for me to keep up with technology. I would like to know the type of technology that will most effective for deaf children, especially for reading and writing.

I hope that this class will provide me with the tools to become a teacher that will use technology to enhance lessons and to know when and what type of technology will be most useful at that givn time. I know that time if limited and there's much to cover but it is my hope that the course will not be too much of a rush, so that it will not be just another course but one that will be vry profitable to me.

My view about technology and education is that both can be useful in preparing students for the global market that is highly competive. However, in classrooms (my observation) teachers are not effectively using them to enhance learning. I have seen teachers put 2nd graders on computer and ask them to find specific information using Google. The students were swo overwhelm that they became frustrated.

I not really a fan of technology (personally), but to use it in education is good for students, in that as an educator it is my job to find effective and effeicent ways to assit in their learning process. Technology would allow me another medium to assist their learning process. Both complement each other and can be both effective and detrimental, it is up to the teacher to ensure the former and not the latter.

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