Thursday, October 8, 2009

This is a picture of my character on whyville. I like this website even though it is for children. The reason is that I am able to learn new things but most importantlt earn clams (money) each time I log on. I like the games but they can be difficult when playing alone and confusing when more than one person is playing.

The turn off was when I wanted to buy perals and realized that I would be using real money, but apart from that the overall experience is good when I have the time I go on it trying to win games, since I am a competitive person and up to his point has not won a game.

This was be a good website for dead and hard of hearing students to reinforce science information like the Food Chain, Recycling, as well as, shopping and packing away groceries. Many people take it for granted that deaf students would know where products and produces are to be stored.

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