Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Kurzweil 3000

No, it was not possible for a student to so what is asked of them in question 4 9that is to circle the 40 crayons in the picture given) because is you notice the tool bar, all the icons as something to do with reading whether go forward one reading unit or backward one reading unit. All the other features are related to reading; hence, to ask the software to read circle the 40 boxes of crayons would not be applicable for it to do. Hence, the child would be able to complete this task because the software would not have anything to read back to the student. However, the student could do what I did if he/she is aware of the software. I used the text box to indicate that 2 boxes of crayons would equal to 40. Since, the software is reading word for word on a page it cannot read that the child circle the 40 crayons because although the circling option is there the tool is for highlighting information that can be read over. It is not to perform action such as what was asked in the assignment.

Kurzweil is a software that can be used in classrooms to support learning in terms of reading regardless of the subject area. The effective thing about this software is that it can support students who are struggling to read. The teacher can use tools such as highlighting to show important point, bubbling to have students listen to what the teacher wants him/her to hear for additional information. The teacher can use this tool to keep additional information that is not on the page but she/he wantes the struggling reader to know. You can use the software with worksheet from the web that can be printed, fill out or online.

I had never heard of this resource before getting this assignment, and I think it is a very good tool for students with reading problems. It will open up the possibility for a engaging and motivating students to read without feeling frustrated with the word regardless of the subject. However, I would have rather that the voice used in the program to be more humanisitc instead of sound on the robot end.

On the Kurzweil I was able to highlight key words that would have helped the student with their problem. I was able to incluse a text box with clues for each problem. This was exciting to do becuase when I think that instead of invidually showing students what I am expecting I can do it as a class. Also I would be able to individualize students worksheet in showing reinforcement, in that one student problem may not be another student problem. I the use of sticky note, it just like using a sitcky pad but only on the computer. This will assess me in differentiating students work, which is very important in Special Education.

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