Saturday, October 10, 2009

Live Ink | Easy, comfortable, enjoyable reading.

Live Ink | Easy, comfortable, enjoyable reading.: "Who Should Use Live Ink® Technology and Why."

This is not a picture but a page from a website called 'Live Ink", which talks about different techologies that can be used by people with disabilities to make they way of life more comfortable, like reading a book. I used and chose Clipmark bookmark to do this because it allowed me with the option to sent the information straight to my blog (honestly without worrying how to get it done otherwise). I alos like the fact that I have the option of how much information I want to hightlight or save to my folder without saving the entire page if I do not want to do so.

However, after my bad experience with clipmark. I will definately be looking into another bookmark to use for save my favorite page(s) and/or information from websites. I will not be discouraged.

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