Monday, November 2, 2009

bookmark choice

I chose to use clipmark because I thought that it was user friendly, as well as, it allowed the option to blog information on spot. However, I had a very, very, did I mention very bad experience with the program. Here is my story. I viewed all the bookmarks that were presented and really like clipmark so I downloaded it on my laptop that Saturday. Sunday to Tuesday everything was fine and I was experiemtning with it. BUT, on Wednesday I realize that my computer was not boothing and after much investigation by experts with computers.

It was realized that clipmark was the culprit in seriously affecting my computer. I was horrified and scared. I finally got someone who was able to fix my computer but this experience has made me very afraid of downloading anything else on my laptop. This is an experience that I would NEVER want to go through again.

Hence, I started asking around whihc bookmarks other people used and the consensus was 'delicious'. I tried it and like it becuase I DO NOT have ot download anything even though with each use I have to log in. This can be a pain at times but I rather do it like this than download it on my computer. I learned my lesson and DO NOT want a repeat from what happened to me the first time.

I like delicious because it is simple and it tells me how much people have visited that particle site that I have bookmarked. I like the fact that I can cut and paste, as well as, I have the option to send information to my blog without any hassle. But most of all I like that I do not have to download anything on my computer.

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